Shave Me! 2.1

Source:Metaversal Studios

“Shave Me!” combines touchscreen game fun with close-shave precision perfection.

The iOS shaving sensation has arrived in the Android Market! “Shave Me!” combines the fun of touch-screen games with the precision of the perfect close shave with optimized play and graphics for any Android 2.0 device.

For those with beard jealousy, a steady hand or an OCD-like obsession for a clean shave, “Shave Me!” provides endless entertainment and elevates the everyday ritual of shaving to an art form. Use it to draw pictures, write messages, or simply kick back with a shave to unwind after a stressful day. It’s oddly therapeutic!

Open up the Shaving Kit and choose your weapon: how will YOU accomplish a close shave? Choose from the classic Single-blade Razor, Electric Razor, Tweezers or Straight Razor, and use Shaving Cream, Toilet Paper Dots and Hair-Gro Tonic to assist you in your shaving quest. Sick of seeing that smooth, shaved patch of skin? Simply shake your device and watch hair grow back before your eyes.

Just use a finger swipe to shave off every last bit of stubble. If you’re good you can achieve a nice smooth shave in only a couple of tries, but be cautious: careless or rushed shaving can result in a painful razor burn! Too squeamish to deal with blood? The Blood Toggle option lets you shave without the threat of cuts or bleeding.

“Shave Me!” uses aspects of smartphone technology to deliver the ultimate shaving experience:

● Vibration when you draw blood
● Shake to regrow hair instantly
● Stereo sound effects
● Music playback: enjoy your personal soundtrack while shaving!

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